17 – 19 October 2024

Foire Internationale de Sousse


INTERTEX MACHINERY TUNISIA – International Exhibition of Textile Machinery


17 OCT: 10:00 – 18:00  /  18 OCT: 10:00 – 18:00  /  19 OCT: 10:00 – 16:00


Intertex Machinery Tunisia will be organized between 17 – 19 October 2024 at Foire Internationale de Sousse, Tunisia. As the only international textile machinery exhibition in Tunisia, Intertex Machinery Tunisia is very essential and significant platform where sector leader companies would find export, network, and business opportunities. Intertex Machinery Tunisia opens the doors of profitable market to exhibitors where they can showcase their products and services to selective and qualified international buyers.

Why You Should Exhibit ?

Market Exposure

Intertex Machinery Tunisia attracts a wide range of visitors, including retailers, wholesalers, distributors, designers, and industry professionals worldwide. By exhibiting at these fairs, you can gain significant exposure to potential customers and key decision-makers in the industry.

Networking Opportunities

Intertex Machinery Tunisia serves as a hub for networking and building valuable business connections. Exhibitors can have the opportunity to meet and interact with industry professionals, potential buyers, suppliers, and collaborators. These connections can lead to new business partnerships, collaborations, and distribution agreements.

Market Research and Insights

Exhibiting at Intertex Machinery Tunisia , you can gather market research and gain insights into the latest industry trends, consumer preferences, and competitors' offerings. You can provide an opportunity to observe market dynamics, benchmark products, and learn from industry leaders, which can be valuable for strategic planning and product development.

Brand Visibility and Recognition

You can enhance your brand visibility and establish your company's presence in the Tunisian market. You can showcase your products, innovations, and brand identity to a targeted audience. This exposure can lead to increased brand recognition, credibility, and awareness among potential customers and industry stakeholders.

Business Development and Sales Opportunities

You can increase your potential business development and sales opportunities while showcasing their capabilities, negotiate deals, and secure new business partnerships, orders, or distribution channels.

Competitive Analysis

Intertex Machinery Tunisia provides the opportunity to examine the current products and services of other companies in the sector. This can be an important way to strengthen your competitive advantage and stay abreast of industry developments.

Product Groups

Dyeing Machines

Embroidery Machinery

Hoisery Machinery

Nonwoven Products

Spinning Machinery

Textile Printing Machinery

Washing Textile Machines

Weaving Machinery

Cordage and Rope Machineries

Flat and Circular Knitting Machineries


Folding and Rolling Machineries

Textile Chemicals Laboratory Equipment

CAD-CAM-CIM and Automations Systems


• Textile Manufacturers
• Apparel Manufacturers
• Production Managers
• Quality Control Managers
• Sourcing and Procurement Professionals
• Textile Machinery Distributors
• Maintenance and Service Professionals
• Textile Industry Consultants
• Textile Engineers
• Government Representatives
• Industry Association Representatives
• Retailers and Buyers
• Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals
• Investors and Entrepreneurs
• Environmental and Sustainability Experts
• Startups in Textile Tech

Why Visit ?

  • As one of the most comprehensive textile exhibitions of North Africa, Intertex Machinery Tunisia is the exact platform for experiencing & exploring the market, creating new connections, expanding the professional network & knowledge, and following up on the textile trends
  • Intertex Machinery Tunisia offers the opportunity to meet national and international manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters.
  • You can have face -to – face business meetings with sector leading exhibitors.
  • You can boost your business potential
  • B2B meetings with sector leading exhibitors
  • You can find new business partners and strengthen your existing cooperation with your partners
  • You can observe and discover latest products and services you need
  • You can attend seminars and be informed by professional speakers about market.


An emblematic sector of the country, textiles in Tunisia represent the leading industry in terms of exports, jobs and added value. Located at the gateway to Europe, the North African territory has nearly 200,000 textile workers who work in the production of fabrics and finished or semi-finished clothing products.The country has specialized in different fields such as spinning , weaving , hosiery and even finishing .

Tunisia benefits from a key geographic proximity to European countries and has signed free trade agreements with the markets of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East and the European Union.

Tunisian manufacturers are increasing in sophistication and are aiming to further attract high-end textile brands.

Increasingly moving towards manufacturing finished products focused on innovation and R&D, involved in the full process, from spinning through to weaving to finishing.

How To Get There

Foire Internationale de Sousse, created on April 3, 1955, is located near the city of Sousse, near the port of the city of Sousse, 10 minutes from the airport of the city of Monastir.
Foire Internationale de Sousse reflects a modern aspect, since the exhibition space is very well equipped with all amenities (electricity, stand equipment, air conditioning, equipment rental, etc.) while keeping the national spirit and the feeling of returning to the origin.

Foire Internationale de Sousse organizes more than 20 national and international events each year.

Zone Sidi Abdelahamid,Rue hedi
Bouslama, Sousse, Tunisia, 5000

+216 73 322 457



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• Free shuttle from Francisco de Sá Carneiro Airport to the Europarque


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Hosted Buyer Delegation Program

Joining Intertex Machinery Tunisia as a Hosted Buyer is an extremely efficient and fast way to search and increase your reliable and high-level international suppliers network. Take the maximum advantage of all the extra benefits included in the program and enjoy exclusive networking events.

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